Imadé (ee-MAH-day) is a writer and mental health advocate who founded Depressed While Black. She is a suicide attempt survivor who lives with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder. Imadé first developed Depressed While Black as her 2015 Columbia University Non-Fiction Creative Writing MFA thesis. Depressed While Black has grown into an online community, an in-progress book, and a nonprofit that donates Black-affirming personal care items to mental hospital patients.

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    We are partnering with BEAM for #BIPOCMentalHealthMonth to #BuildABlackVision for mental health. All month long we will be highlighting the experiences of Black people in psychiatric jails and facilitating dialogue to build a collective vision that transforms Black mental health in our country.


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    "A patient was here and he had nothing. When it came time to discharge him we were able to give him socks, underwear, and a T-shirt from your donations. He said it had been a while since he was able to get a new pair of underwear. Your donation made it possible for us to help a patient in need."


    -Staff Member at Moses Cone Alamance County Behavioral Health Hospital



    When I was hospitalized, I had nothing but the clothes I came in with. I was literally wearing my trauma.


    When I first asked a staff member what patients wanted for their April drop off, I was surprised that the first request they had was Chapstick. We are in the middle of a global crisis, but small things like giving Chapstick can help people care for their bodies and live with dignity.


    As a nonprofit, Depressed While Black receives a wish list from mental hospital patients and staff and then donates these items each month. Depressed While Black is currently providing this service for Moses Cone Alamance Regional Behavioral Health Hospital in Burlington, NC and is in the process of expanding to another Behavioral Health Hospital and a treatment center.


    Would you like to send a Mental Hospital Wish List or are you a Black business owner wanting to donate your items or offer them at a reduced price? Contact DepressedWhileBlack@gmail.com


    This is what Depressed While Black gave in July 2020:


    Moses Cone Alamance Regional Behavioral Health Hospital
    28 Pieces of Underwear
    23 T-shirts
    22 Boxers
    19 Rain Ponchos

    19 Hair Oils

    15 Composition Books

    11 Bras

    6 Satin Bonnets


    Cone Health Behavioral Health Hospital Greensboro
    138 Hair ties
    40 Boxers
    36 Pieces of Underwear
    33 T-shirts
    15 Hair oils
    13 Bras
    8 Wave caps
    6 Satin bonnets

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